Enough Already

You live in a house,call it home and settle down.You decorate it,fill it with love,hope and joy.It is a place that is for you and your family and friends.But,what will you do when someone walks in,breaks your home and says “this is not your home,it is mine”.I will probably kill that person or break their bones one by one at a time.

This is what is happening to Andhra Pradesh,my state,our state.Home to millions of Teluguiets,Malyalees,Tamilians,Gujratis,Bengalis and many more.It has been more than 2 years and the unrest in the state is not coming down.

Schools have been effected,education is become a mere passe.Students do not know when they have to go to institutes.Even if they go,they are not sure if it is safe.They are not sure if they are from telangana or andhra or from a state that has been united for so long.

Workers are been forced to stay away from work.If they go against the agitators and work,they are called cheaters,anti telangana,anti andhra.My mother was verbally abused for going to work by them.What they did not know was, she is from Nalgonda,the main telangana region and she has to go to work to survive.A person who was throwing/pelting stones at the ladies who were walking out of the office or being forced to said this to my mother “are you not ashamed to work? why are not part of the agitation?” and my mother said “will you pay for my house,food and clothing and what is this anti thing? who are you to tell me what to do and where to live?”

I think her point is valid.A cousin of mine came home the other day and said “i hate the andhra students in my class,they are so down”.I was so surprised.While I was in college there was no such divide.It was either R.T.C colony or sainikpuri or vanastalipuram divide! It was never about our state.

I am a common woman,who wants things to be restored in A.P.There might be truth in what you are fighting for or there might not be any truth at all.But,who are you to make the common man suffer?Will you give the students their lost valid hours at school back?Do you know how important education is?what is the point of pointing fingers towards another country and calling them enemy.When you are pointing fingers at your own people and making them your sworn enemy “making them” I said.

I am pissed off,angry and hurt that this is happening in a state that was called one of the best states to live in a decade ago.It is the I.T hub and has the prestigious I.B.S or the BITS.Now,it is even scary to think of going there.My cousin has been planning to celebrate her daughters first birthday at Hyderabad this month.She has pre poned her trip and is having a small gathering at home rather than the earlier plan of going to an ashram.Thanks agitators for making us feel this way.

and if someone asks or tells me,this is what we have to do,we have to sacrifice enough to get something for our brothers and sisters.Please don’t sacrifice already.Potti Sriramulu did that once and that is how we have a state that we call “ANDHRA PRADESH”.

2 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Republic Guard says:

    I guess a lot of people like you are confused about the status of Hyderabad once Telangana happens! Nothing, will change, it is only the administration that will change. If you are a true Indian, why does it matter as to which state you live in, as long as you live in the city you call home?

    I do understand the anger associated with verbal abuse and other issues related to the strike and shutdown – but trust me, if you come out of your urban bubble, and try to understand the scenario, you will understand that it’s not really about hating anyone – if there really was hatred things wouldn’t be as ‘relatively’ peaceful as it’s been over the last couple of years.

    You also seem to be confused with IBS and ISB πŸ™‚

    And for God’s sake can you please unlearn the ‘Potti Sriramulu’ part that was incorrectly taught to us at school!? He was instrumental in formation of Andhra State, not Andhra Pradesh. If you do not know the difference, it is all the more important for you to spend some time learning about the Telangana movement, before jumping to quick conclusions.

    • deethi says:

      H there,

      Thanks for clearing few points here.however,it does matter to me about the happenings in my city.not only does it matter it also becomes most important to me in the everyday life.so,if the administration is the only change here,then why so much violence and hatred? Update me on the confusion here please.why was my mother targeted? Why was a bus pelted with stones and smashed when all they want is the change in the administration.why were they pelting stones and mind you boulders at a car that was carrying a six year old in osmania university?

      Is what you call peace something that associates with I don’t care what happens outside,I am happy inside my home? If son you are mistaken,the unrest is about many things as a common man here is what the unrest about.when I went to hyd in July,I hoards of agitators sitting near the bus stop not letting busses out.there were students who turned back and went home,some worried about thief future,some happy that they got an off day.my aunt had to rush to k.v.picket to pick up her daughter as the school authorities called to say”please rake them home before the school os forced to shut down”she says those minutes that she was on her way to school put an uneasy unrest in her mind and her sanity for taken for unrest.

      He he πŸ™‚ thanks about the ISB and IBS.

      Thanks to my genes and the knowledge shared by my parents,sir/ma’am I know about our history.when Potti Sriramulu got us the Andhra state and were there not riots worse than today? Where they not violent and hard hitting?

      My question if you know so much about the agitation and the cause,spread the word to legit be peaceful and spread the word not to harm or disrupt normal life.

      At the end my mother is from Nalgonda and I spent my summers there as a child.My father is from Palakolo and I spent summers they too.Both matter to me and they both as a state and people are closer to me then anything else.

      Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

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