sexual abuse or past life Karma?

I was talking to a friend today about an article on sexual abuse.It was mentioned in TOI and the author said that,sexual abused children’s are karmic helpers to the ones who abuse them.It is also mentions that the ones who are abused sexually are the ones who were the predators in the previous birth.

Now, my friend said that she really did not think it would be easy for someone to forgive her/his abuser and rarely ones goes in that maturity level to forget and forgive them.Another friend went through a lot of internal conflict when her abuser called to say how sorry he was and apologized profusely to what he did to her.

My question to the author, will the innocence that was lost in childhood come back after the apology? How many of us have the strength in us to forgive what happened and move forward?why should children suffer something they rarely know about at such a young age and that to for a past karma.Isn’t it said that dharma and adharma are taken care in this life and hell and heaven are both done here before you leave the body?

I once mentioned to a friend about how another refuses to hug people,because she/he was an abused child.I was like “get over it man,move on”.But,i realized my mistake quite early and made sure that i never judge a person and let them take their own time healing.I for once never got over it and i don’t think i will.Yes,the memory is distant and far away.but,it reeks of that pungent smell every time I see,hear and read about an abused child.

Now,will you tell me to take it all in stride as this is what my karma is?Suffer for something that I did not even have an idea about? suffer because i am a mere child with no where to run and scared and actually having no clue about what was happening to me?

another time another friend was telling me on how boys get mentally blocked because of this and how it effects their relationship with their girlfriends,wives and women they love.

Tell a child to go to a counseling session,take time and understand their fears and tell them how to be with family and friends and strangers.Teach them many things that they need to know about these abusers.But for once never tell a child that you went through it because you were bad in your past life.It is not a valid reason.At least not for one who is as harmless as a child.

4 thoughts on “sexual abuse or past life Karma?

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I don’t think suffering sexual abuse or being a 2 year old raped by a drunk fuckwit is at all karma. More, and more SERIOUSLY, I think that to tell someone who has suffered sexual abuse that they brought it on themselves (albeit in a past life) is just completely immoral. To shift the responsibility from the abuser to the victim and have them suffer more. This is a disgusting thing you have read, and I hope you have not believed a second of it.

    Just incidentally, I am doing a video which on it I will read some posts of my subscribers. One which I read very heartfully was about abuse. The video will be up by tomorrow (it’s 2 am to me now, Melbourne Australia). If you’re not interested to watch the whole thing, JUST WATCH THE PIECE WRITTEN BY CARRIE, that I read. It will speak a lot.

    Sincere best wishes to you,

    • deethi says:

      I am not even close to thinking it is all fact it is kind of blame game by calling it karma and letting little ones suffer for themselves.can you mail me the link my email id is dtanikelaATgmailDOT.COM

      thanks for dropping by and thanks for the courageous words.

      • wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

        Hi deethi,

        I tried but it said I have to sign in. I don’t have an account and I didn’t want to make one just for this. So I hope you don’t mind me posting it here. You can delete it after reading it here.

        The link to the video I made is
        but like I say, I narrate passages from various blogs. So if you want to see just the one from Carrie, fast forward and stop every time you see an orange page – because the orange page announces the next blogger.

        When you see an orange page that says “CARRIE from” – then THAT is the one to watch, the piece about abuse.

        Kindest regards, and I hope you get something out of it, Noeleen.

  2. Gecko says:

    Actually, i don’t think that’s how karma works. There are also other reasons for causation, not all are caused by you. In fact, things often happen that are completely outside the realm of Karma. For instance, if lightning strikes and kills you when you’re 39, that isn’t considered to be because of your Karma.

    But once it happens to you, it does become your karma. Not in the sense that you brought it upon yourself, but that (eventually, even if you’re 2) it’s up to you, yourself, to let it go. Sure, other people can and will help, but to be happy and peaceful, you are the one who will need to let go.

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