I had a dream last night,a wonderful one.Where my whole family was in one room,amma,nana,vijay and i.It was special, cause vijay passed away 8 years ago and i have not dreamnt of him that often.each one of us were doing something similar to what we used to do in our regular life.nana(my father) was busy in the kitchen,amma was busy drying clothes,i was reading a book and vijay was watching a dance show that was happening right in our backyard,with a famous heroine.yes,that is what my brother loved!

I was happy that i had this dream,i always thought that my brother had a message and wanted to have a closure in life.I wanted to know,what caused his sudden death and was there anything that he wanted to tell us.But,this dream made all sense,the elements that we were in were perfect.I could not have asked for a better dream and my brother….he is having a time of his afterlife…wherever he is!

4 thoughts on “closure

  1. thebehenjialterego says:

    do you believe that dreams are sort of a connection to the ‘other’ world and that they are messages being sent to you from a bigger conscience out there? I do , most people roll their eyes at me and ask for some logical justification-which I can never produce

    • deethi says:

      I totally believe in that theory and much more.many of them ask me the same question and i always have a ready answer.i believe in all those things that make sense and this dream was somewhere close to what my brother always wanted.

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