It does not take much to smile.Sometimes at you and sometimes at the other person and sometimes at the situation.i have been doing that the whole of 2010.I moved to a new place,got to meet few wonderful women and life is good at home and work.

I decided last year to let go and let well, a friend told me this “d,i always admire your never say die attitude and your positive approach towards life.” that is where the thought came “am i really like that?” and the journey of inner healing,cleaning began.there are days when i feel the whole universe is just there to do wrong and there are days when i feel”really,do we need the universe,people,plants and things around us,like even a sock can hear me yelling at it,for the way it looks”.

but then,there is a way,i am not letting these effect is just once,i mean in this life you get to live once. seriously,what is the point of me yelling at someone,having a fight,holding a grudge?it would effect me,stress me out and just waste a whole day or so.i do vent and then i move forward.

i met a bunch of few women in this year and bless them and their souls.they have come close to the soul sisters i never had and each one teaches me something new teaches me on how to be a great mom,one on how to crack the most awesome and notorious jokes,one on how to look beautiful inside out and one who is a fighter and never gives up on life.(more about them in the next post)

so my gyan,lesson for the year.LIVE IT UP AND LET GO!