life,can it be human?

oh life,there are so many elements to you and let me tell you this,you are of the most conniving,smart things that i have come across,actually there is no one like you.

if there was a human form that you had to take,god would have to get clay and mold and mold and mold and she still would not have found that face,nor those limbs to describe you.i mean get a lion’s roar for you voice or a meek man’s vocal cord? get legs as strong as a horse or fast quick like that of a deer? eyes like a dove or like the night owl? skin like the soft rabbit or like that of an alligator.

what? would have she done?i am taking my time to think on how you would resemble.i must say that you might have one-quarter of a mind like chankya and one-quarter like krishna and then again maybe like radha or maybe like sita.

would you have a soft heart like ekalavya or hard one like drona.would it have been like ravan…sometimes heart as tender as a little baby and sometimes as ferocious as wounded one.

i don’t know what you look like or how you would behave,eat,talk,think,love,laugh.but,i know that you would have been the same that we all are……mere mortals on this vast planet owned by someone we don’t know

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