I live in a community in the corner of Bangalore.The distance,the pollution,the crowd,the trees,the corner hot chips shop are all part of this city.But,what makes it more interesting are the people.

I call my group “mornings”,that time of the day which makes you emote perfectly,mornings are a bunch of woman who I met in this community.Until April last year,i almost hated living in Bangalore and used to taunt V everyday and get into depression.However one fine evening changed that all.

I took Aku to swimming classes and was sitting there in my sadness and feeling depressed.Then came a chirpy voice from the other said.She said”hello” and that changed my life forever in the city 🙂

Then after few months I heard more of these “hello” and they changed from formal to hugs at large.Smiles that lit up my day and evening.Mornings are concerned about every aspect of my life and vice verse.

Movies,vegetable santha(market)books,kids,husbands,family matters,finance,there is no talk that is random in this mornings.Every thing is important and every one is as individual as they can get.

We go to the park in the evening,just to see each other and rant or vent,there is no biased opinion nor there are judges.mornings are women who value each word,morning are women whom i come to call my Purva family.

My little one was not well and everyone was sad,someone had a party and everyone was happy.there is no bitching,there is no gossip,there is talk and that about life.I love mornings and they love me.

P.S – mornings will be written more often and this is my post to say HELLO MORNINGs

3 thoughts on “Morning

  1. mala says:

    Oh!I had tears streaming down my face and let it so too!!!I am sure each one of us feel the same ,you have the words to say it you lots!!!

  2. Sue says:

    🙂 mornings sounds pleasantly different in bangalore… i wish i could find me a similar morning here in hyderabad

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