woman and man and then man and woman

in 99.9% of south Indian households,at least the ones that i have seen,man has always been the one to relax.My family was an exception to that rule,we had a stay at home dad and mom was the bread earner and still there were times when that “i need to serve my man first” popped in.

If there was a function at home,the men in my family would serve the ladies or share the burden of work.inf act my mama’s are well known for their kitchen skills and make sure the ladies are well taken care of.but,that would change in their homes.

i am dropped into this world where men sit and do nothing.women are running around the kids and feeding them,playing with them,feeding them and playing with them.men,will be sitting in that living room and drinking scotch and discussing politics or how his company is more profitable then the others.

Is it the mind set that you grow up from childhood? I am not a feminist and nor someone who roots for my clan all the time.but,these things just piss me off.

I have seen women who work all day long,come home then again cook,clean,wash and serve dinner to the man,who comes as the same time as the woman,comes in takes of his shoes,washes himself up,wears a clean mundu,sits on the sofa and reads the paper.the woman mind you has no problem with it and why should i have a problem then?.I do,because,no one told this woman to relax for a long time.so,she is in that box and thinks that not serving him is against the law.

i know so many of them who do everything for the man,even if you are a stay at home mom,you deserve some rest.I am sure you would love to sit in that same sofa for one whole day and get used to being served and do nothing

the men please take time off and give your lady a chance to rest and see what difference it makes!

6 thoughts on “woman and man and then man and woman

  1. lovelifespice says:

    Seriously i need that rest right now. I wish i could just curl up on the bed the whole of the weekend with sumbody cooking, serving food and cleaning up exactly the way i want things to be done. Alas if wishes were horses……………..!

  2. Arun says:

    Do you seriously think this is still the situation? atleast in the metros?? I don’t think so, in fact the reverse is on the rise. The main drawback is the attitude that the parents in India bring up the kids, if only the impart the cohesiveness in family, equality with no reservations, I think these won’t be an issue in the first place.

    • deethi says:

      arun – i see what i write and this is what i see around me even today.i know that the reverse is on rise,however the % of that is very low. we need to teach our kids to be more humble and understanding towards the other and let that spread.husband and wife are tow poles of the house and both need to wok toward building that structure.but,unfortunately the woman takes more of it thinking the hubby would be happy.but,what she does not is that she needs to ask for help and there are many who will go that one step forward

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