News Today(sorry madam, we had to use all the pages for ad’s,here take the small A4 sheet,it has news)

News papers started making me shiver,every page I open makes me go into depression (like the OK one, not the prolonged “oh why,oh why?”).Rape,murder,killing,political hooligans,chamchas making black money(how,someone please tell me),drunken driving,minor weddings,deaths and so on.

Ok then, i say and take the supplementary,that makes me want to go to the newspaper office and put them into permanant depression! why do i care if an actor gets paid high,why do i care if an actress is going nude,why do i care if someone’s baby has a name,why do i care if the page3 crowd decided to go freaky on Friday and dress like they are in a deserted island with no wardrobe!

and then of course i realize i am poor,why you ask? they print ad’s like “hot property for sale” only 2 crore and offer is just for today!!!!!!!!! now why would i want to miss that,so i take a cheque for that amount and promptly go to the hot property site and say”here is a cheque for the same,when there is enough money in my account i will let you know”

most of the time,the pages are filled with advertisements and that too, not one, but two or three full pages.Now,when you want to read news,the papers have also become like T.V channels.I am reading “Govt,Mamata spar over Trivedi” and then “you can hire a lawyer and we will fight any case,even the ones where you need to fight with yourself” and then comes the mamata article.By then, I am like wait, who is fighting with who.Is this law firm a part of the Govt??????? 

yes,that is what i am saying,there is an article and then there is an ad in the article and the article circles around the ad. Newspaper people,have you stopped hiring people from good design schools? are you doing the coin toss and deciding who gets to edit the newspaper today? the print wala or the chai wala or lets see hmmmm,the EDITOR!

Come one now,get back to publishing and don’t make me use them as time pass reading, in you know where!


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