it can wait or not?


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So ,here is the thing, I have been vela(doing nothing) from the year 2007. Practically and literally i have been sitting with my feet up in the air and sipping coffee,reading a book,cooking,cleaning,taking care of kids and hubby and chilling out at home.

5 years,in which a person would have crossed the 10th class,finished their boards,chilled out at a cafe,sipping juice,joined junior college,attended first half of first year,bunked the rest,would have watched endless movies through exam time then moved on to the awesome degree and got a job!

I went through depression,happiness, pregnancy,post depression and then some more happiness.I opened the word document a million times,tried to be a part of start up,joined theater classes,tried to start theater classes.

so this makes me the most inconsistent,lazy,bored woman in the vicinity i know(means the whole of my family and friends list)

i remember giving and interview for a telugu paper in 2006 and stating “my father gave me time till 2011 and if i don’d do anything great,he will get me married” and he did(but the choice was mine and thank god for that).

now after 5 years,(also a person would get his/her gratuity from a company(five years gets them that) i think i wasted enough time….don’t go “duh! now she realized”.No,i realized it in 2006 itself and i have been good friends with procrastination.Our bond got stronger and he decided not to leave me!

so what is point of this post? it is me telling myself and basically in a subtle way,WHEN THE HELL WILL THIS MIND BLOCK END! 

4 thoughts on “it can wait or not?

  1. Prathyusha Smita Satyavada says:

    I am sure everyone is going through this problem in some part of their life, if not entirely. Realization strikes them every single day but they choose to drift ahead, because it’s easier. The trickster of a mind that we have tells us ” You have a great home, a loving husband, 2 adorable kids, 600 + followers on your blog and a huge bunch of dear friends … why worry?” …. I am sure that many would be jealous of you if they look at this situation from their angle. So don’t worry … I am sure the “mind block” will end soon … many of us have been in it all our lives… 5 years!! Duh !!

    Your First Time Reader,

  2. Harish Menon says:

    Don’t worry about it too much. You’ll figure it out tomorrow…One of my fav quotes actually captures what you’re feeling:

    “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further… And one fine morning –
    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

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