Choices we make

Today my girls were at home for tea and some girl time.We are all stay at home mothers by choice and like P said no matter how much we crib,we enjoy what we do and cribbing is a part of what we are.Who said we are not allowed to cib and cry and make a mole hill look like a mountain?!

So,the topic of discussion – Is your education waste of time and effort, when all you are doing at the end of the day is sitting at home?

P was telling me that someone she knows went to research on her PHD and the prof told her “why are you wasting time,all you are going to do is sit at home and take care of kids in few years,so relax and take it easy? really? is that what education means? 

A was telling us how another women said that someone else could have taken her seat and got that M.Phil, because she is now sitting at home and taking care of kids and is pondering over her daughters education and thinking a high school is good enough.

Barbara STREISAND said “Men are allowed to have passion and commitment for their work … a woman is allowed that feeling for a man, but not her work”.

that makes me think “why does that happen?”,I know many of you will try and differ the quote and say “what the hell,we have men who take care of our kids,clean the house,cook for us,teach the kids,take part in PTA’s,wash the clothes,fold them,feed the kids,sing them songs,and so on”

and if you have a man life that,then please ask them to open a training institute for other men and teach them things like this!

in my 33 years,I have seen working women coming back home and taking care of every need of the family and a few men who do that too.Like 10% of men did that in my group.


you know my father and mother shared their work at home and went about life in an even manner.However,how many are doing that today? if you know a 100 of them let me know :).if today,i went to work,i am sure V and I would do the same thing mom and dad have been doing.But,would it be more or less.If i went for a morning job,would V give up his sleep and take care of the house and then head to work in the night? would i come back home and look forward for a chaotic life.That is why i made the choice of staying home and taking care of my kids,v and me.I love the fact that i have time to kill,i love the fact that I do not have anywhere to rush,i love the lazy afternoons and the yes,not so much the nights when V is working.But,i am not going to regret it later and say”what a waste of education i did”

My girls Mala,Preethi,Apu have done the same and anyone who tells them they are wasting their precious education,please stop and think for once.They love being at home and being around when the kids need them,they could have left the kids in a day care.But,we don’t want to and if you think we are selfish or not career oriented then think again.We manage work better then anyone.we don’t sit on our lazy bums the whole fact we move much quicker and faster than anyone can think of and manage 100 things in one second.

Our education is never to be taken for granted for that is what makes us what we are today and we are blessed to have been to schools and tomorrow when our kids no longer depend on us.We might go back to work,start a firm or say “what the heck,let me chill and have some more tea”