What the Numer 1 does!

I have a 8 year old son and managing them(son’s) is not so easy.I bow to the mothers who have taken care of more then 2 sons and will frame their photos and put them on a pedestal till the time i kick the bucket.


Here are few things my Elder 1 is famous for and makes me want to tear his hair and then trim mine!

  1. walking talking enquirer
  2. does not give a rat’s ass if the bus is waiting for him (his going to latin(number 2) is important)
  3. tells you while going to number 2 at 8 am in the morning,that he has an exam today.
  4. eats something that you really put in effort and shouts 1001 times “it is salty,salty,salty,salty….…and salty” (makes me want to dump him in the same salty curry.
  5. waits for me to hit the bed,cozy up in my blanket and then goes “deethi,i want to eat,i am hungry” (about 11pm in the night)
  6. waits for his little brother to sleep and then starts to record his voice on my phone and plays it over and over (the sound goes something like – OOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAEEEEEEEE)
  7. makes sure all his rough books are roughly used withing 2.5 seconds of me getting them from the shop.
  8. cries at the drop of a hat and makes me feel guilty like forever.
  9. tells me “i want to open a hotel,when i become big and then promptly tell me “you will be my assistant,cook,washer and drier”
  10. looks at me and says “deethi,i think no one wanted me in heaven,so god send me to you and then made you and me happy” (add’s he would have chosen me second and ben tens thatha first)

Yes,it might look(very easily) like he is a brat.But the funny thing is he manages to make me fall in love with him and so does the I’s 😛