when one runs!

One day a girl and her girl friend ran away from home.They went to a supermarket and ate all the cakes and drank all the juices and said thank you to the owner and walked away.the owner smiled at them and said bye bye babies.(they have no clue that they had to pay and he though they were with adults who will pay later)

Then they went to another shop and asked that uncle if they can sit here and watch the traffic.that uncle said yes and after an hour,he got three other kids from somewhere.they all played and ate and then went through the back door to another land.where there was a big house with lots of tress and a beautiful house.the auntie there gave the girls a bath and while telling them a bed time story asked the girls to tell a story about their parents.the girls did and then went off to sleep.

in the morning,the girls woke up and promptly ran into their parents arms.the excited parents gave a slap or two and then the parents took auntie and uncle and their kids and us and themselves to zoo.

that night the girls slept in their own houses and never ever got to know the name of those wonderful people who sheltered them and protected them.


I wonder where they are,as every time i pass that colony(vikrampuri in secunderabad, circa -1987)  and  try desperately to look for the house and cannot remember the street.But,where you are,you were my first guardian angels on earth 🙂


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