Words of a Child

Here are words of wisdom from an 8 year old. 

1. Do not ever hit another human being.

2. tell our leaders to not sit in parliament. tell them to go out to schools and colleges and offices and talk to children and tell them we are there for you.

3. the police who are with the most important people in the world , can come and stay with that auntie and all the aunties and you and my friends.

4.so,bad men will be scared and never come to harm my deethi and other aunties.

5.i will be leader and say “if anyone beats,they will get beaten again.you only said no “nail for nail,so they will also know,how beating is bad”

6.I am learning karate,so you all can learn the same and kick the bad people.

thank you.

my vagina is not your playground.

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent. That is what comes up when I type rape.

For the last 48 hours India has been going on and on about the Delhi rape case, how do we punish them?  What laws need to put in place? Who to blame? , I have promptly updated my FB and called them to be punished in the most brutal way. But, do you know what runs in my mind? I keep thinking what if it happens to me? What will I do? How will I kick them?  And then I think will I be another case? Another person who the world will talk about for a day or month?

The fact that I am even thinking about it while putting my 2 year old to bed is scary. I have my door locked, a pen knife at my side and also 100 ways to alert the security. But, wait was a girl not raped by her building watchmen few months ago?

So, is it that being born a woman is wrong? Am I at fault that I have a vagina and it can be thirsted and pushed open at your will and force? Should I stitch it up and glue it, just to make sure I do not get raped? Or should I always be alert 24 fucking hours and not live my life and walk freely without an escort?

So, as a woman, I have to think how to dress? How to walk? How to talk? Where to and where not to go? Plan my day, so that I get back home, before the rapist it at large?

Is this what a women’s life is in a country or in the world is today? Do I have to feel stupid for being born a woman or should I feel sad that the rapist is born out of a woman and not a fucking man’s vagina?

Tell me I will be safe tomorrow; tell me that if a man even thinks of the word R, he will get jitters thinking of the punishment. Tell me my daughters, sisters, mothers and women are free, just the way they were born. Tell me that I do not have to tell the doctor to stitch up my daughter’s vagina, for the fear of the 6 month old getting molested by a 70 year old.

Promise me and write it on every wall, stone, sand and sky for all I care, that you are free to go wherever you want and no one will rape you.

Because that uncouth is not only raping me, he is raping my mind and my free will.

 I need to have the right to walk, run, get into a bus,plane,auto,axi,home at my own will. No one, no one has the right to steal that from me.

My vagina is not a playground.