regrets anyone

there are times when i wonder if I regret things that i did in the past? I keep comforting myself that it is ok to regret, I say or think, that if I did not do things my way, then I would not be here today. but then again, this thought crosses my mind, what if life had a different path for me and I choose not that but that one I thought was suitable?

did we ever wonder what would have happened if we would have taken the other route? i never used to wonder about that, up until now. these days i keep thinking about it all the time. today when i look back at my life, there are many things that i would have changed. I am no more the person who says ” i do not regret a single thing in my life”.  i regret about 10 years of my life. if i had to re live those 10 years, i would do everything different.

not that there was no one to tell me, there was my mother a living example on how to lead a life with dignity and pride and there were others. but, it did not matter to me at that, these days i am making a list of things that i did wrong or did in a hurry and trying to get them right.

i hope by the time i am 45, i would have done half of those things and make myself and my conscience feel better.

P.S – this post is as confusing to read as my mind right now.

4 thoughts on “regrets anyone

  1. smdeea11 says:

    I guess everyone has regrets in their life. Atleast, I do!
    There are times when I think the same, if I had chosen some other path, how would life be?
    You might be finding this post confusing but it makes complete sense to me.

    • deethi says:

      after reading it a few times it did make sense. i am glad in a way,that life has come to a point where i am not hiding things from myself and that brings immense joy! thanks a ton for reading this.

  2. Vaayadi Pennu ;) says:

    regrets.. I still in that phase where I say, no regrets at all about life so far…. but I add, things happen for a reason, and the reasoning of the reason may pop up at a later time.. you have actually given me a fodder for a post.. thanks Deepti for the muse-al service 🙂 was going through an old post that suddenly received a lot of traffic this week, one of the comment was yours.. hopped in here after long, how have you been.. love always Ash

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