Meditation and Me

sometimes I see a bright light and within that light, I see myself.

at times I see a dark blue ocean, filled with specks of an unknown kind.

I see the light, it is bright and pink. I see that light, it changes to white, to green and then to violet.

I see butterflies and eagles and peacocks and sometimes two heads and two wings,two birds that share a body.

my head starts moving and there is a silent rhythm in the atmosphere.

my body jerks, it sways to a beat, sometimes it is fast and sometimes it repeats.

my smile wideness , my forehead hurts. my knees start wobbling and my arms go flat.

my hands, my hands, they have a tune of their own.  the mudras they form are so fascinating. it takes me by surprise every single time.

this is my moment, this is my time, this is me in my meditative state.

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