a son and his love!

you never know when you grow up (the font on this one is good)sorry about that.Yes,as I was saying you never know when you grow up in your mind.My son has been showing me that a mature mind is not what you get when you are 30.But,something that you can get when you are seven years old.Here is what made me realise that.

I have been suffering from an acute ache in my wrist and hand from the past few days and it got to a stage where even mixing food was an ordeal.My parents,in-laws and uncle had taken turns to come over and stay with me to help at home.V has taken days off to take care of the kids and he did a splendid job(I recco love in hampi for anyone,that is where i fell in love with V).

Now Aku has been observing all this.He did not make much drama or create any soap opera to tell me he cares.However,he did things that a seven year old thought was fit to help his mom.

1.He gets up on his own in the morning or just after one wake up call and does everything without me having to tell him( yes,that T.V is still his best friend in the morning)

2.He makes sure all his friends leave home by 7.30 pm.He tells them “deethi is not well and she needs to go to bed early” or “my brother and i have to sleep soon”

3.He has told me a number of times that just milk and biscuits are ok with him and i don’t have to make elaborate breakfast for him.

4.He does get a little naggy when I don’t give him food personally after he comes back from school.However he is not making fuss these days and is happy with V taking care of him.

5.He also tells me “deethi tell me if it pains and i will apply balm on your hands”.

Aku certainly has grown up and is making me proud and happy.The best compliment i got was from one of his friends mohter “Aku,is a very rare child,he holds on to his innocence and honesty and in today’s world that is surely a treat for sore eye”

may he grow up to be happy and content in whatever he does and may he bring smiles to those who know him and spread hi joy everywhere!


There is this site called http://www.flipkart.com.I have been visiting it quite often these days to buy many things. Many = books,chargers and so on.V and I are planning to buy a laptop and this site has home delivery option and it is easy for someone like me.I am a stay at home mom and A is 7 years,while Ved is 11 months.So it is really difficult for me to step out and shop for few things.So,thanks to flipkart my life is become easy.

So while on this,I ordered quite a lot of books.Myth = Mythiya,Jaya,Cousins.Actually not many,but these three.These days my curiosity into mythology has taken me into wiki and also into buying books related to mythology.I am in fact planning a trip to Srilanka this year.Heard that Ravana was buried here and the body is said to be mummified and preserved there.

Today I also decided to tell aku who Ravana was.Here is what I told him.

Ravana or RavanaBrahma* was born to Kaikasi and Vishrava.It is said that Kaikasi’s father wanted her to marry a great warrior and a person with immense knowledge.So he rejected every king who came to seek his daughters hand.He then heard of Vishrava.

Vishrava was the son of Pulatsaya,who was the son of Brahma.That is why Ravana is also known as RavanBrahma*.After killing Ravana in the War,rama performed the Ashwamedha yagna.This was performed as Rama Killed a Brahmin( i told this to my son as he is a brahmin and i wanted him to know his roots).Anyway RAvana was very powerful man and he was taught Vedas by his Grandfather Pulatysa who was himself one of the Saptarishis and Brahmas Son.he was also taught the art of War by his Paternal Grandfather.Ravana conquered the heaven,earth and underground and was undefeated for many years.Sp the Gods went to Vishnu and asked him for a solution.

Vishnu told them that he will go to earth in the form of Rama and Kill ravana.So,that is why we Have the Ramayana.The whole of Ramayana was created to Kill Ravana and also to establish the RAghuvamsh empire.

How was Ravan Killed? he asked and I told him that will be left for tomorrow.

we shall overcome…..

I was all set to write my blog.Peacefully with out any interruptions,in my bedroom,on a green bed sheet with the windows open and the nice Bangalore weather for company. However,it was tossed out of tossed out of those very niche French windows.V and Aku barged in and started their verbal war.

There is always this thing that goes in my mind.
“am i being able to connect both of them?”
“is aku able to find that father figure in V?”
“is V being the right,good father?”.
“Am i overreacting to situations and taking up Aku’s side?” and much more.

Then I tell my mind “relax,alex,all is well”.I tend to get a little protective about aku,more than anyone i guess.He is my love and there is no way i can close that door of over protectiveness about him,even with the new baby around. I was so paranoid,that i would get up in the middle of the night and think “what if someone takes him away?”.”what if he misses his bus and does not know how to get back to school?” and much more.

I have overcome most of it.However,i am still not convinced about way I let V handle him.I know I am too hard on V and i hope that someday,i will be able to overcome it.

“God please let me overcome it”!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogs and Me :)

Dogs are such Joyful beings,was watching Marley and Me with Aku and he loved the movie.I was so moved by the scene where Jen gets home after the first miscarriage and hugs Marley and cries or the one where the kids are in the school bus and Marley is back home from hospital waiting for them.

I remember My first dog,aha no,dogs were these little dash hound puppies that my Nana(dad) got for me.He took me his friends home and asked to pick one from the litter.While I was picking up the brown pup,another black thing came and started yelping at me.I knew i had to pick that one up too.So we ended up coming home with two pups.We packed them in a carton,nana punched holes and I held them on his LML vespa.Amma freaked out when she saw two ugly creatures,but then she fell in love with them instantly too.

The black one was named tufy and yes it was for my brother and the brown was named softy for me :).They were pampered to the core.Dad used to get them rotis from Jeet Dhaba in Kharkhana and one day we had to go as dad was out of town.The dhaba owner asked me “beti,why don’t you take some curry shurry?”.”your dad always takes Rotis and I am sure your mom must be tired once in a while making curry and shurry”.I politely told him that the rotis from his dhaba were for my dogs and not for us.He got so upset that he refused to give dad rotis the next night.To make up for it,the whole family went to the dhaba for dinner :P.

Or softy being so small and petite used to be falling into all the pits possible in the colony.So we kids used to go on a hunt with our torches and umbrellas if it was raining to look for her.Once such time we found her in a pit that was filled with water and she was swimming in it.We jumped right in and had a ball (of
course amma was might pissed off).Because it was not just my brother and me,but w managed to get the colony kids as well into that small mud pit :).Oh the kids loved softy and she got them in(i think).

Tufy was strong as a bull,Once a cousin of mine was trying to get his hands on tufys bowl.Just to prove to us that he was not afraid of dogs.Ha ha tufy bit his ass and he was literally on top of the door shivering,he still has a mark on his bum (i think)

Sad bit is they pass away very soon and you kinda forget them.But subconsciously you still wish you were that little kid playing in water with you brother and the dogs :D. I got many little pups later,however those two first dogs could never be replaced by any.

Hoping Aku finds his first pups soon 😀

Kanadi Master!

last month aku had this infection in his eye,so after a visit to the doctor and check up we got to know that he needs glasses.Now I was petrified with the idea of my 6-year-old with glasses.the optmologist said it is only for 6 months and once the power is back to normal all will be well.Called up V and told him that same.Instead of saying “ayoo pavam”,my hubby laughs his heart’s content and is happy that his son will look like him with the kannadi :(.

Now Amma,Nana and I were going through various books and looking into ayurveda,shut the T.V (other thing we went and got a LCD a week later) and many eye sight web sites(rhymes) to get aku’s power back to normal.But in the this whole commotion there was one tiny little fella who was happy with a wide glee on his face.Aku, was thrilled that he was getting glasses and was asking me questions like.

1.will I look like Toby Maguire aka spider man?
2.will i look like superman when he is not flying in his undies?
3.will i get them in all colors?
4.can i tell the teacher that sitting in the front bench hurts my eye?
and blah blah blah

Now,after another visit to another doctor we were glad to hear that the infection was gone and aku’s sight was brilliant!However,aku insisted that he needs to wear glasses and was making my amma’s life hell at the clinic.

He started creating a huge scene there and my amma looked like a semi villian pulling him away from the doctors door.Just to make him feel happy,she did get him a pair of cheap glasses and this is how he looks like.

Precious Smile

my little man (10 months old)

Last night(should be called morning actually) aku got up at around 3 am.He does this quite often and is also famous for talking gibberish. However this time,he gave me a priceless smile,only one that your child can give and promptly went back to sleep :).

I will treasure that 6 year old smile for life.for later when he sleeps in his own room and wants to have privacy.I will remember that little boy who cuddled and slept at his deethi’s side with the worlds most beautiful smile on that sleepy face.

I am the Man!

My son is watching Ben Ten (that cartoon thin on CN).It is boring,addictive and i have no clue how many alter egos this cartoon kid has? Now that is just cartoon on T.V , here at home I have live example.

Aku is different man on different days.He got this idea thanks to BEN TEN wonly.If I put up a list of what “man” ( I wonder why not wonder woman?!) he can be here , this is how it goes.

Fan Man – Now there is story here “while v and i were falling in love and intoxicated with the loverly herb.V decided he would name his son Fan Man.I have no idea how aku got hold of this.FM till day aku’s FAV super hero.Want to be one? – just go in circles and pretend you are a FAN who is chopping heads with your wingsy and you are FM!

Cloth Man – so yes,there is a man like this too and what he does? when you visit shops to buy clothes for yourself.He will fall in the pit and throw them in different directions and make sure you are thrown out of the shop or a mall.(mind you the clothes are his weapons).

Ice Man – all you got to do is take loads of ice and put them in a cover,then you run around the house till they melt and then put more ice into it.

Paper man – you get to shred paper and then stuff it in your mouth and then spit it out (again these are the ammunitions)

Just today i discovered that he can be Chocolate man.What do you have to do….Guess????