what you looking at?

have you ever wondered what does 6-year-old think? like really think when he looks into space.V often wonders about what Aku thinks and has yet to understand it.However i did understand it last night.

I was reading a book and he was getting bored.So,I asked him to read a book too.he took out shubramaya barti ( no offence to the great writer) however Aku pronounces it like that,He got bored of reading that too.So he closes the book and starts to stare at the vast ceiling. I can imagine him staring at it for a long time if there were some super heroes on it or say galaxy stuck to it.

So I wait and turn to his side and look at him.Aku looks at me and goes back to his staring.After about half hour,he finally comes to conclude his theory.Thus he pulls me by my sleeve and says

“deethi my head is aching,i have been trying to think how fan is born? light is born and also how cobweb is born?”
“i asked all of them and waited till now to get an answer”.
“they refuse to answer,so Good night and shweeth dremz”.

See this is what your 6 years old would be doing when she/he is staring at the ceiling.just ask them and be ready to get a profound answer.

apatiki araku velivastha ( meanings – till then i will go and come back)

Fav fruits

It all started with summer homework.Why do these teachers even give kid holiday homework?
Holiday = lazy,no homework.play and make merry.

Aku’s school has been easy on me,they just wanted my kid to stick pictures of random fruits and vegetables.But,they had to be the ones they like.So,today morning after he got back from his karate and had breakfast and was fresh as a daisy.I sat with him to complete the project

Me – aku look at the chart and tell me 5 of your fav fruits.
Aku was least bothered,he was immersed in pulling out the lid for glue and was examining it with utter curiosity.
Me – aku,stop that and look here.
Aku – stopped it and looked and then ran into he kitchen.came back with another item of enthusiasm, scissors!
Me was contemplating on using them to cut that chart into two.
aku – so deethi ,what were you asking?
Me – tell me 5 of your fav fruits by looking at the chart (mind you all he was doing was pouring glue on the scissors and licking it)
Me give him a thwack and pull the entertainment unit away from him.
aku finally looks at the chart and goes – “strawberry,apricot,musk melon,lichee and apple”.
Me – wait you have never tasted 2 out of those 5 and then 4 are rarely eaten and the 5th one is the fruit you hate the most.
aku – you said choose fav and I choose.
Me – but,they have to be fav.
aku was looking at the strawberry gum and with a smug look goes “deethi no one knowns what my fav are”
Me – do you know what your fav fruits are?
aku – potatoes!

Sayng this he got up took a paper cut it with the scissors and stuck it up his arm and was running around screaming “Paper man is here,Paper man is here!”

5 years and 10 months old!

It is a pleasent day for work,stroll,drive and much more.For me it is pleasant day to write my mind away.For a long time now,I have been thinking for a while to write about things that will help others and me.
I wrote about money saving,dealing with ex’s and about woman safety.So today is a day I talk about

Understanding your 6 year old child

I a 5 year old who is going to be 6 years in another 2 months and there are so many changes that I have noticed in him.Firstly he is growing fast and his mind is not able to cope with things that he is getting to know.Let me give you an example.

1.Recently he asked my mother about her mother.He wanted to know why great grandmother she still alive? valid question.We have always told him and also he read books that say old people die.So his mind was wandering in that frame.My mother and I did not freak out,we had a good laugh and then went on to explain to him.”Aku,It is true that every living thing has to perish one day.However,there is no specified time and place for it”.So,instead of waiting for her to die,now when she does he will know that her time has come and everyone has to deal with it.

2.Dad was home one day and Aku was tired of seeing the same grandfather.So,he asked my mother to put on her shoes.He wanted to go to the market and exchange my father for a new one!Boy o boy,my mother could have never been happy :P.My dad though was disappointed and wanted to know why his dear grandson was all set to exchange him.Aku’s logic was correct,if dad gets a soap from the market and does not like it or it is damage,he goes to the shop and gets a refund or a new one.Aku accompanies dad in most of these trips.that is where he got the idea of “grandad exchange” from!So,this is what I told him. “aku,you can exchange anything you want in life.However sometimes things that are precious like your grandad cannot be exchanged.So,if you have something that you do not like in your grandad,tell him and I am sure he wil change it for you and he can then stay with you and grandma”.He thought for a while and then decided he will let my dad live in the house for a while and help him change his bad habits.
*one bad habit – never brings more than 10 chocolates and aku wants more then 100!

3.”grandma,when you grow old,who will take care of you”?.mom told him that “my daughter and son-in-law will”.aku had a plan,he told mom that when she and dad get old.he will drop them in the creche,just the way we did when aku was young.he will provide them with a lunch box and diaper and toys and will pick them up when he gets back from office.Well we could not argue with that.Kids learn from what they see and this is what he is planning for me and vinod too!

These are the best years of his life and I am glad to be a part of it.It is surprising that more than him,I am the one who is learning new things about life.I am also able to see life through the eyes of a 5 year old and trust me it is beautiful!