Hands that hold the world?

if she or he whoever it is gave us life, then don’t you think that person should give us the direction of life? sometimes you get so tired going the wrong way that when the right path comes, you tend to ignore.you do this becasue you are done with taking these paths alone.

Personally I feel the guiding hand should be there with you and be visible instead of the invisible hand. you really have no clue where to hold the invisible as you cannot see it.

hands have been thre for me when i needed but only for their comfort.the day they came across the path for them,they just left mine.

So guide me and for god’s sake show me the visible one……….

Take a Flying F***

“oh life is like that…you got to move on and take in that little bit of bitterness”.

“What that hell was that supposed to mean? hello, I like life ,but was this life not supposed to be easy?.

Bitterness my A**. Get out of here , if anyone sez take it with a pinch of salt. I have done so many pinches of salt, feel i am in a sea filled with salt water….so anyone who is patronizing go take a flying F***