This is how it is…..

it has been a working day today and yesterday.Felt involved in what is happening around and was doing what i like.

Sometimes i think if u miss that liking, u get distracted. I am more of a writer and right now i want to involved in that stage and the whole film making. However the doubts pop up in my mind.Like today, “was it this that i came in for” or “is this going to bring in positive thoughts” and many more.The reason is that i feel useless wen i am not actively working like all of us do.I am more the kind who tells someone what i think.However,as I mentioned in the earlier post it is getting way too difficult to judge the exact situation.May be it is too early to think of all this.Maybe the earlier movie gave me free hand and i was involved actively in everything.It is happening here,no one sez u stop that,u are not fit for it.But that inhibition that “oh should i talk now and give my opinion” is running in my head constantly.I hope i get over it or do something.

Apart from that few things and talking to few friends brought my thought process about life back to where it was.Spoke to A Bhai,who is like my elder bro and he did listen me out.That is what i was looking for someone to hear me out.Like a sounding board…..

Life is getting too upside down at home…hope it does not stay stagnant like that…

My day at work

son turned 4 yesterday.had a great time with him and his friends and family.
back to work today and feel like i have to get going fast or i will die out of thoughts.

One of the main things about the film industry is that you got to have lot of patience.I am not the person who has immense talent to handle that.I have been working on a movie and for now i have nothing firm to do.The thing here as one of my friends mentioned is that “you have not one job,but loads of things to do in a movie”.It is not like a desk job,it is a job that involves in thinking on feet are not that sore yet and that is why i keep running around instead of thinking at one point.

I am right now sitting with the producer the main Ad’s and i want to speak up.However I keep thinking,should i or not? reason for that I want to still wait and learn.Wait for the right opportunity said my brain and that is what I am doing.When is the right time to speak up I ask myself again and it sez now.I know it is contradictory to what I said in this same paragraph.

That is how my mind is working right now too confused and full of shit……..

THe Story BeIGns

been here in the production office for the past 1 week.I am excited about the project.The main thing about accepting a project has got a lot to do with the script and the unit for me.

So when i walked in I was greeted by a friendly yet firm crew members.The thing about me is that i am plain honest and do not like the mediocre running around the trees shit.

been taking care of few things.I am not yet sure on the act though.however being a part of this crew seems to give me hope that there are people who respect cinema.

that i think counts much at the end of the day.