Food and Memories

Have you ever closed your eyes and got that aroma of garlic or tamarind pulp that you used to get in that childhood kitchen of yours.Or that taste of certain samosa or chutney that still lingers on your palate.

I still remember that curry we ate on the Pune highway,the rich curry,mixed with hot rice and those tiny potatoes.Oh my mouth waters and i am just taken back to that night,in the dhaba and eating that delicious food.

I was talking to my chamak challo’s today and was telling them how it feels to go back to that grandmothers land. My bamma(fathers mother),has this thing for tomatoes,anything she makes has to have tomatoes in it…cabbage with tomato, potato with tomato,cauliflower with tomato,tomato with tomato.My mother does not like it a bit,she says “tomato is tomato,why mix it with other veggies and loose it’s great flavor”?.however my father got that or rather inherited that flavor and guess what happens at home :).Now,if you excuse me,i have to make fenu greek and tomato:P.

It is crazy how even our kitchen sometimes resembles our grand mothers or mothers.think of it,don’t you wash your milk packet before you cut open the cover? does not your salt always stay in tupper ware and has a small steel spoon in it? don’t you always make dal with the tadka like your mom did? i do almost everything like her…amma you are virtually ruling my kitchen 😀

Then again there is the famous podi’s or powders that are made in the kitchen.yesterday I made curry leaf podi and I so wanted it to smell and taste like amma’s.the whole experience took me back to my childhood and i had to immediately mix it with hot rice,ghee and eat it…slurp….

I so wish my elder one takes up cooking.he loves it and I am waiting to see that gleam in his eyes and that joy he gets when he licks the hell out of that tomato curry!

no,no curd in it!!!!!!!!

So, has anyone tasted sambar? of course yes.Then you go and mix that with rice.Now, what do you call it? I call it sambar rice.

But today I ate something same but different name, it is called ( all kannadigas will hate me for this)bisibelebath.I know, I know it is a kannda dish and it is supposed to be fantastic.However even the sambar that i make is good when you mix it with rice!

and then i tried to mix it with crud and V yelled saying that is an offence!Sorry but for me curd,pickle any day is a dish better than none

things that i am doing and thinking of doing!

Aku is at an age where he has too many things on his mind.Most of the times,it takes up to 60 minutes for him to make his opinion and then another 60 to tell you that it is called an opinion. He has a point to make about everything around him.Yes,It does not matter whether it is required or not (does it ever matter to a 6 year old?)

Being 9 months pregnant is not funny.It is that time when all you keep thinking is “when is the baby coming out?”.It is like the whole world is planning on keeping that baby inside and making you look like a drum for life.

It has been ages since I sipped anything that is has spirit it in.Let my senses give me the taste,touch,smell of some wine.I will say cheers and add the hearing sense.

Wonder why all the food outlets are far away from your home when you need them the most.They appear so closer when you are on diet. (i said you,I am never on diet) but the outlets with those lovely pictures and aromas are far far away.

I am going to gorge on pasta,noodles (indian version) these 2 weeks.After that amma says “deethi cannot eat junk for more than 3 months”.When was the food I cooked not called junk?!

I finished about 15teen 5 stars in two days and searching for more 😀

and here I present the Biryani…..

ok here we go…..

Biryani ummm mouth waters,taste buds tangle and I just want to get there and grab the goddam Biryani now…I am from the city that is famous for food.If you are a guest of our city,we will never ever let you go without taking you to Paradise,Bawarchi,Old city.We will force you to eat out Biryani and wait till you fill your heart and stomach and then say “wah wah”.The biryani is the word for the hour,day,week,month and year here.

so,how did it arrive here.I hope it was not parceled in silver foil and mailed overnight? actually the Emperor Aurangzeb got this touch to our land when he was here in 1600.He came along with a couple of governors and one of them stayed behind…

This comes in 2 kinds the Katchi and the Pakki.The huge difference is in the preparation method.The name comes from Perisan word biriani which means fired or roasted.The nizmas kitchen boasted 49 kinds of this biryani.Another popular version is the Awadhi biryani.The vegetarian version is called Tehri .

Please find the recipe here and may your taste buds love mua….

Hyderabadi Biryani


Meat – 1 KG Boneless
Basmati Rice – 1/2kg
Onion – 2 Big
Lime Juice – 1/4 Cup
Curd – 500 GM
Ginger Garlic Paste – 4-6 Tsp.
Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 Tsp.
Green Chilli – 4-6 grind into fine past
Shazeera – A Pinch of Shazeera
Clove – 1-2
Cinamon – 1-2
Cardamon – 2-3
Coriander Leaves – A bunch finely chopped
Mint leaves – 8-10 sticks – Plucked only leaves
Safron – 2 pinch of safron, immerse in water
Safron color – A pinch of color liquified with water
Ghee – 2 Tsp.
Oil – 2 Cup oil
Salt – To taste


Cut the meat into 4″ square pieces and wash it
Add ginger garlic paste to the washed meat and Marinate it for 1 hour.
While marinating you cut the onions thinly lengthwise and Fry the onions in the oil on low flame till it becomes golden brown.
Now remove the golden brown onions from the oil and spread it on the plate, when it cool then crush it with your hand.
Now add the curd 3/4 part of crushed fried onion, Red chilli powder, Green chilli paste, Cinamon, Cardamon, Shazeera, Clove, Coriander leaves, Mint leaves and safron water, salt to taste and remaining part of the oil into this marinated meat and leave for one hour.
After one hour take basmati rice and washed and now pour water into the rice as you cook it and add salt one tea spoon, Cinamon, Cardamon, Shazeera, Clove, Coriander leave, mint leave, Green chilli 2 cut into lenght wise. Now put on flame but when rice start cooking when the rice becomes half cookded. Then remove it flame. Drain out the water completly. Now spread this half cooked rice on the marinated meat. Upon the rice layer you spread lime juice, saffron color and ghee and remaining part of the crushed onion.
Now cover the utensil with lid tightly. Keep it on a very low flame After 1/2 hour exactly take it out from the flame.
Now your delicious tasty Hyderabadi Biryani is ready to eat.
Serve hot with curd chutney or with Bagare Baigan Curry.

the above preparation is from the web and not by me so me too will try and let you know