It does not take much to smile.Sometimes at you and sometimes at the other person and sometimes at the situation.i have been doing that the whole of 2010.I moved to a new place,got to meet few wonderful women and life is good at home and work.

I decided last year to let go and let well, a friend told me this “d,i always admire your never say die attitude and your positive approach towards life.” that is where the thought came “am i really like that?” and the journey of inner healing,cleaning began.there are days when i feel the whole universe is just there to do wrong and there are days when i feel”really,do we need the universe,people,plants and things around us,like even a sock can hear me yelling at it,for the way it looks”.

but then,there is a way,i am not letting these effect is just once,i mean in this life you get to live once. seriously,what is the point of me yelling at someone,having a fight,holding a grudge?it would effect me,stress me out and just waste a whole day or so.i do vent and then i move forward.

i met a bunch of few women in this year and bless them and their souls.they have come close to the soul sisters i never had and each one teaches me something new teaches me on how to be a great mom,one on how to crack the most awesome and notorious jokes,one on how to look beautiful inside out and one who is a fighter and never gives up on life.(more about them in the next post)

so my gyan,lesson for the year.LIVE IT UP AND LET GO!

Screwed up?

I wanted to talk to a friend today,tried her number and that was off.I then called my amma and spoke to her for a bit and felt better.Now here is the deal, I am pretty pissed off with this friend.I am in the same city that she is visiting and 2 days and no calls nothing.I did not even know that she was here.But,thanks to FB i am updated.

Sometimes and just many times V says I overreact and except a lot.but,then I say when you give the same,you expect the same.Some say don’t except and I say hell, I do.That is how I am made and I am not willing to change few things in me.Like how to change? say “oh i do matter to them”?.Once I got to know the same friend had a major fight with her hubby and called this other common friend.I got to know,cause the common friend slipped tongue and then i asked lets say X,why she did not tell me about the fight?.Then immediately X called the common friend while i was there and i think asked her not to tell me much.Well that hurt as I consider this one X as few of my good friends.

X is also good friend with this one friend Y who thought I had ego and was jealous and said it straight to me and also used to walk out every time was in a party or a common ground.I spoke to this one patiently and told her that she has a problem and to deal with it.X at that time told me that Y was stupid to say that and btw I was the one who introduced X to Y.Now after what Y said about me,X id great friends with Y and i just cannot fathom on how X invites both of us to the same do.I am sorry i cannot ignore and it just does not get comfortable.Over the month I realized that Y is a good friend and we back as friends but not the same as we were ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Now i think it is high time i give up all these relations and just stay “chill” as my mind and body is.There you go my frustration is out ๐Ÿ™‚

I am that Girl

I cannot think of the name of that particular movie.However I was reminded it again today.It is about this guy who dates women and when they break up with him,they get married.

My story has been somewhat similar,just that in this case.I am that guy!All the men I have dated till now,are married and the best part is, that they found their better halves after they broke up with me.My husband calls me the good luck charm.For him I was just that girl who he was supposed to,wanted to with heart and soul and married me.

My Ex’s are all happily married and today one such ex and a great friend came over to spend the weekend with us along with his wifey.I am so gald that even though the relationships have gone sour the friendship still remians intact and I am sure it will be for ages to come.

I once wrote and entire post on a topic related to this and you can find it here

Good luck and have a great relationship with everyone around you ๐Ÿ™‚

Moods etc etc

I was a t a friends party last night and had a great time dancing,singing and meeting people.The best thing about that party that a friend and i discovered that the vibes of the people in that house ( we were a bunch of 50 odd people) were amazingly positive. That is when i realized that my fun was to do with my state of mind too. the vibe that i gave out was positive and that made sure I shared it with everyone I knew in that party.

What is the point of being in a good party and not enjoying it and sulking all the way through.You’d rather sit at home and sulk by yourself. The thing is that when you are in a bad mood and and at good place 2 things can happen

1. you can make the people around you sad by sulking

2. you start to enjoy the good vibes and feel better.

i know a friend who sulks quite often at places where there are more than 2 people and the sulking makes her whole evening or night shit.In the process we around her also start feeling irritated and here goes the evening. Now if this person started to enjoy herself first and feel happy about herself then things would turn out to be better. I am not saying everyone has to be or will be happy 24/7 all am saying is that life is crap at times and when you are lows nothing can happen but lift you to high. so Enjoy the high right now rather than waiting for the lows or better inviting them yourself.

Habits of the Rich and the FAmous!!

Disclaimer – I solemnly Take an oath that I shall write nothing but the truth.If friends find it hard to digest and want to kill me please take an appointment and I shall FLEE……

I am going to write a few habits of the famous friends I have and about few habits that I did not inherit,however do follow and practice them diligently

Miss V
Her mom- V get me some oil from the shop
V-looks @ aunt with red eyes,why you ask? cause maam was just applying mudfreak pack on her face.
1.Get up,washes her face,locks the room door for 45 min.opens it now(by the you could have produced oil out of a well!)
2.She is dressed for a party? no to get oil.
3.Looks at the mirror 20 times.
4.Walks out takes the car (the shop is 2 min away)
5.Walks back in changes the tee
6.Walks back to the car,takes her time adjusting the mirror,sits,gets out looks at her chappal(do not match) goes in again. Poor Aunt finally is coming in with oil pack in her hand.
7.V throws a fuss on how people do not let her do things at home(hmm we will maybe after million years)

V is a responsible adult now.She comes to India and spends 99% of her time shopping for latest clothes and is still stuck with her mirror obsession.However the mirror has been transported to USA and is living it’s life and mailing me her daily activities which include,American face pack and Wal-Mart oil(poor car)

Miss N
She is what you call the typical BMTD(behnji turned mod) and she knows I call her it is ok big time ok….
Getting ready for work
Pink shirt,Brown slacks,Pink Shoes,Brown bag,Pink lipstick and well a pink Kinetic(courtesy out old garage chacha).oop’s forgot to mention the pink crunchy and the pink bangles.Yes,I lived with her for 20 year and I think am a little colour blind!!!

N lives in away from India,the Bata pink has moved on to designer pink chappal.The obsession still continuous.However thanks to her husband the only thing matching now are her bag and crunchy.Bravo Hubby dear…..

Mr. S
Hmm I can talk and talk and he will bury me upside down

throw the towel on the bed,S picks it up and puts it in the required position(dimension,angles all measured),throw it again he puts it back again and you get a lecture on how to place the towel properly.
move the sofa by and inch,(sit and watch the fun)normal eyes would not even notice this.His supersonic eyes do notice.Walks ,pulls the sofa back to the normal position,(the line on the floor should be horizontal and parallel to the sofa legs(I too do not know how),move again? it is back in it’s position by the time u blink.
throw books on the table,they automatically appear neat in a millisecond.with position accord to size and numerous combinations.ha ha I love troubling S….

S lives here in our beloved country and the habits will not die,even if u kill them..

Was I mean,rude,overly insensitive otherwise a Big Bad _ _ _ _ _!!!hmmm I am thinkin….hmmmmm

a couple more to continue in the next episode!!!!