I am that Girl

I cannot think of the name of that particular movie.However I was reminded it again today.It is about this guy who dates women and when they break up with him,they get married.

My story has been somewhat similar,just that in this case.I am that guy!All the men I have dated till now,are married and the best part is, that they found their better halves after they broke up with me.My husband calls me the good luck charm.For him I was just that girl who he was supposed to,wanted to with heart and soul and married me.

My Ex’s are all happily married and today one such ex and a great friend came over to spend the weekend with us along with his wifey.I am so gald that even though the relationships have gone sour the friendship still remians intact and I am sure it will be for ages to come.

I once wrote and entire post on a topic related to this and you can find it here

Good luck and have a great relationship with everyone around you πŸ™‚

things that i am doing and thinking of doing!

Aku is at an age where he has too many things on his mind.Most of the times,it takes up to 60 minutes for him to make his opinion and then another 60 to tell you that it is called an opinion. He has a point to make about everything around him.Yes,It does not matter whether it is required or not (does it ever matter to a 6 year old?)

Being 9 months pregnant is not funny.It is that time when all you keep thinking is “when is the baby coming out?”.It is like the whole world is planning on keeping that baby inside and making you look like a drum for life.

It has been ages since I sipped anything that is has spirit it in.Let my senses give me the taste,touch,smell of some wine.I will say cheers and add the hearing sense.

Wonder why all the food outlets are far away from your home when you need them the most.They appear so closer when you are on diet. (i said you,I am never on diet) but the outlets with those lovely pictures and aromas are far far away.

I am going to gorge on pasta,noodles (indian version) these 2 weeks.After that amma says “deethi cannot eat junk for more than 3 months”.When was the food I cooked not called junk?!

I finished about 15teen 5 stars in two days and searching for more πŸ˜€

I am the Man!

My son is watching Ben Ten (that cartoon thin on CN).It is boring,addictive and i have no clue how many alter egos this cartoon kid has? Now that is just cartoon on T.V , here at home I have live example.

Aku is different man on different days.He got this idea thanks to BEN TEN wonly.If I put up a list of what “man” ( I wonder why not wonder woman?!) he can be here , this is how it goes.

Fan Man – Now there is story here “while v and i were falling in love and intoxicated with the loverly herb.V decided he would name his son Fan Man.I have no idea how aku got hold of this.FM till day aku’s FAV super hero.Want to be one? – just go in circles and pretend you are a FAN who is chopping heads with your wingsy and you are FM!

Cloth Man – so yes,there is a man like this too and what he does? when you visit shops to buy clothes for yourself.He will fall in the pit and throw them in different directions and make sure you are thrown out of the shop or a mall.(mind you the clothes are his weapons).

Ice Man – all you got to do is take loads of ice and put them in a cover,then you run around the house till they melt and then put more ice into it.

Paper man – you get to shred paper and then stuff it in your mouth and then spit it out (again these are the ammunitions)

Just today i discovered that he can be Chocolate man.What do you have to do….Guess????


There was a story once told in my family (a family of Telugu people).This is how the story goes and the reason for the story to be told is this.

Me asked my aunt “why do we call Tamil the language,aravam?”

“Let me tell you a story”,says atha.

Once upon a time when Rama won the war over Ravana,he was getting back home with his wife and his brother.Now all the monkeys,the vanar saina to be precise wanted to come to ayodhya with Rama.

“we shall follow you wherever you go My lord”,they said

While following they made a lot of monkey noise,so Mr.Lakshman(the brother) got angry ( he was short tempered).He told them to shut it and if they did not, he told them he will throw them in the ocean.

They shut it for a while.However,monkey being monkeys, they started to make noise again.This time the brother(lakshman) picked them up and threw them in the ocean.

The monkeys were scared and said “Kshaminchu Laksham,Kshaminchu,Memu Aravam“. (meaning = “sorry lakshman we will not shout”)

However, most of them landed in the ocean and from there there swam to Lanka saying”take us back Rama memu Aravam”.

So we telugu people! say that tamilians shout instead of talking hence we call the language Aravam(the language of the monkeys)

P.S – the Best part i am married into a Tamil family now and I am Aravam πŸ˜›

Why Ya

Conversation between 2 tamilians…

err you got to excuse my broken tamil

wonman – enga pore (where are you going?)
twoman- down town pore ( am going to town)

wonman – why da downtown pora? (why are you going to downtown)
twoman – town ki poyi one peg down poda pore da….(i will go to town and put one peg down that is why)

i am finding this dam jokey ya…..

Number 2

A man takes his pregnant wife to punjabi dhaba..

Man – i want one paneer butter masala and roti packed and also delivered

Dhaba Guy – sir ji i wil pack and all but how i can deliver sirji

Man – why? why cannot you deliver?

Dhaba Guy (lookign at the wife) – sirji that is tho your wife’s job..

he he he dma funy no………

quotes me if you can…….

since Google invaded my privacy and the fact that i am in love with it, i keep changing my tag line once a day or a week.

the part here is that each tag depicts my mood for the week and day and so on. i noticed that most of my Friends on talk too have their won ways to tell the world what they feeling so here is a list of my fav quotes by famous, friends,family and some i don’t know

1. i am sooo happy that maybe you should know that reason…(so this frnd forcing me to ask about her happiness eh?) smart one…

2.first it was life on SHIPS now it is Life with Ships(he was on board for a few years and now he is selling them)

3.we do need eggs ( this one is from Annie Hall, this frnd and I have been fighting over who would quote Woody first and of course i won)

the one i like the most is ” Life is like and onion, you peel it one at a time and sometimes you weep” this is is by Sandburg…….

My blog mates if you gotta few witty quotes pour them n i shall dedicate a post and give u the deeps side of view on it….


went to a friends place and they go wassup??
chat with another online and he goes assup??
call the other and she said ssup??
called him and he said sup?

So what is this wassup i ask,
Is it the new lingo in the land,
or the new phrase from bangalore to bandstnad.

If ask me how are you?
I will say ” great and how do u do?

If you ask me howz life?
I will be polite and say it alrite.

Where are those words which ended in please,
the only thing i hear these days is jeeze!!!!

Is this what is taught in school,
the incomplete english that makes you a complete fool.

P.S – wrote this for fun, no thoughts involved at all πŸ™‚

I Smile,You Smile,We all Smile!!!

Smile and the world smiles with you.

So, look at someone, for that matter anyone today and smile.
They might think you are mad, however just smile and nod. They might be going through tough times, might be happy and no one around to share their happiness with. So, you smile and nod, Voila it makes your and their day.

I did that today; smiled at P in the office (I am used to ignoring him and treating him as invisible) he had a surprised look on his face. However he did smile and asked me for coffee in the basement. We ended up talking about idiotic stuff and promised to do it once in a week.

Let me know if you did that…. and I am smiling at you πŸ™‚ wide…Happy times for a happy and better world ………

Me the RARE breed!!!

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Ha,I always thought i was kinda rare breed and this proves it right!

Like this poem I wrote describes me

you will find me where the waters flow free,
you will find me in the forest full of wild trees.
you will try and tie me down,i will smile and run along….
I will leave you when I want,I will come back when you in need.
I am the invisible,I am the unknown.
I am full of mystery for the sane in insanity….