My city,My lane

Vyas is screaming for attention and calls out for me more than often.His little ugoo’s are catching my heart everyday and i just cannot say how happy i feel when i see him give his toothless smile πŸ™‚

Aku started reading to vyas and he read from his “magic Stories” book and keeps asking vyas all the questions i used to ask aku after i read a story and poor vyas,just looks at his brother and smiles πŸ™‚

Feel good to and looking forward for those 10 days at amma’s home in hyderabad.As a teenager my brother and i used to hate our area or those little lanes where we live.It is in the old part of secundrabad.We used to scream and yell at our parents,asking them to get to the hip side of the city.Most of the time or say always,we kept out friends away from home,thinking freak what will they think? and also spent most time in the happening areas at that time,like banjara,jubilee or sainikpuri.However i just realized that,those tiny lanes have so much activity in them.When i come out to my balcony in the post gates community in Bangalore,i miss noise around me.I mis kids screaming and playing gulli cricket.I miss neighbours sitting out and gossiping.I miss aunties bringing over savouries and snacks.i miss sitting in the front yard when it is hot and drinking juice or butter milk and chatting with relatives and friends.I miss not having t knock to go to any house there and miss the way we celebrate functions and festivals.

I am gad I belong to Seethphalmandi and am proud to be a citizen there πŸ™‚

So I just took the Nablopomo oath,It is a neat idea and it helps most of us.i mean can you imagine a writer with a writers block for months together.This kind of oath helps us write regularly and keep up with words and say F*&k you block.

Writing about writers, there was this teacher of mine(yeh they means teachers write,so story co-relates to writing).i used to go to tuitions and the worst was those tuitions were walkable distance.yes, from my bedroom to the front room.Amma was so sure that I would bunk and go gallavanting that she got him home and got others kids in the colony to get home for those dammed classes.Anyway main story lo,he was one rude b****rd,he used to torture most of the kids in weird ways.Like pouring candle wax on hands (for neat handwriting) or he would make them (not me.If he ever touched me or beat me,i would scream and bite him and i did that once.bit off his flesh near his arm! πŸ˜› so proud i am.) sit on one leg for 10 min.Can you imagine a 10 year old sitting like that for 10 min.F****r,if he was reading this he would die with pain and wince at my abuses.

One day there was this kid called Dileep,who was my friends younger brother.He forgot to get his maths book.So this bastard (there i said it),asked him to strip and made him stand naked near the main gate.Our home was close to the road and everyone could see what was happening inside the compound.Poor D was so offended and he was crying like a baby.Yes this D was in his 7th standard.I can still see him saying “sir,sorry sir,please don;t do this to me”.

That is when the miracle happened,my mother was just getting back from work and she saw this amazing spectacle in front,more like inside our home.I still remember her not walking but running faster than a deer,she pulled D from the bund and gave him a towel and then asked to change.She then got to know what happened.because the kids could not control anymore and we were talking like those 2 year olds who talk non stop when they realize they can!

You know what my MOTHER,AMMA,Thaye did????????

She politely asked my teacher to get out and before that she asked D to do what he wants to do with him.What did D do?? he looked and looked into the teachers eyes for about 1 minute and then said “idiot”.Ha,idiot that was the time anyone could realize what was happening,I,me,naan,nenu, the great was at his feet dropping hot candle wax.He was jumping up and down like a F*****n freak and he ran and ran.

Dont know where D and his sister are or the broken master.But,whenever i see candle or the hot wax drops on me,i think of this and laugh and not wince in pain!


my city was target to the terrorist attacks on Saturday the 25th of August. Just after 60 years and 10 days of being an independent nation.

We were all watching news and celebrating what is called the LAkshmi Puja and Few others were out to visit the gardens and eat at chat house…

Around 7.30 when 500 of them were sitting in the quite Lumibini Park and enjoying the laser show, the bomb made it way and peeled the men,women and children apart….Few were at the Gokul chat which is famous for its yummy chats, relishing their waut through dishes and bang struck the bomb.Within minutes the laser show was sprinkled with red blood and Gokul turned into a mi sh mash of bodies….

Hands,legs, head open, screws and nuts in bodies were found and kids were not spared too….this is how gory the city was on Saturday the 25th of August…..

Why i am i writing about this stuff….we can cry and morn the loss.However a look at the scene and you will want to take these cowards and thrash them hard. maybe just shoot them point blank.

But we decided we will not act like them, we decided we will fight back. we decided we will stand united and show them that it takes a lot to CRUSH us…..

We are organizing a peace march on the 1rst of SEPTEMBER, Saturday at MMTS near EAT street. the rally is supported by Lions Club and Sailing Federation is joining the force….We the “Peace Warriors” will kill these cowards from the root….join us and make it happen….join hands and lets make a strong chain…a human chain so strong that no one, i mean not even the one below or above can break it…..

Bring the faith in humanity back…fight against the evil and fight against terror…

Be there for sure in person or in prayers and thoughts….BE STRONG……….