So I just took the Nablopomo oath,It is a neat idea and it helps most of us.i mean can you imagine a writer with a writers block for months together.This kind of oath helps us write regularly and keep up with words and say F*&k you block.

Writing about writers, there was this teacher of mine(yeh they means teachers write,so story co-relates to writing).i used to go to tuitions and the worst was those tuitions were walkable distance.yes, from my bedroom to the front room.Amma was so sure that I would bunk and go gallavanting that she got him home and got others kids in the colony to get home for those dammed classes.Anyway main story lo,he was one rude b****rd,he used to torture most of the kids in weird ways.Like pouring candle wax on hands (for neat handwriting) or he would make them (not me.If he ever touched me or beat me,i would scream and bite him and i did that once.bit off his flesh near his arm! πŸ˜› so proud i am.) sit on one leg for 10 min.Can you imagine a 10 year old sitting like that for 10 min.F****r,if he was reading this he would die with pain and wince at my abuses.

One day there was this kid called Dileep,who was my friends younger brother.He forgot to get his maths book.So this bastard (there i said it),asked him to strip and made him stand naked near the main gate.Our home was close to the road and everyone could see what was happening inside the compound.Poor D was so offended and he was crying like a baby.Yes this D was in his 7th standard.I can still see him saying “sir,sorry sir,please don;t do this to me”.

That is when the miracle happened,my mother was just getting back from work and she saw this amazing spectacle in front,more like inside our home.I still remember her not walking but running faster than a deer,she pulled D from the bund and gave him a towel and then asked to change.She then got to know what happened.because the kids could not control anymore and we were talking like those 2 year olds who talk non stop when they realize they can!

You know what my MOTHER,AMMA,Thaye did????????

She politely asked my teacher to get out and before that she asked D to do what he wants to do with him.What did D do?? he looked and looked into the teachers eyes for about 1 minute and then said “idiot”.Ha,idiot that was the time anyone could realize what was happening,I,me,naan,nenu, the great was at his feet dropping hot candle wax.He was jumping up and down like a F*****n freak and he ran and ran.

Dont know where D and his sister are or the broken master.But,whenever i see candle or the hot wax drops on me,i think of this and laugh and not wince in pain!

M.S.Subbalakshmi and Durga Atha!

Every kid in South India or India period, gets up with a rendering voice of M.S in the background of their home. It could be from the radio in their own home or from the neighbors,however M.S.Subbulakshmi is heard everywhere.

I still play it early morning and it gives me a boost for the rest of the day.Today I dedicated my whole morning to her. Humble but a modest respect to the late Gana Saraswati. As I am typing this i have Nagumomu playing the background. Aha what a voice. It makes you forget the whole world for a while.It takes you go back to the world where you smell the fresh filter coffee,a cookers whistle in your amma’s kitchen and the smell of agarbathi from the pooja room. thatha’s stotras and ammamma’s anklets as she enters the house from the backyard. her basket filled with flowers for the pooja.

Sree ramanavami starts with Pibare Ramarasam and to hear it sung by M.S is just like the paysam or the theertham. She sings Dolayam and you feel like swinging your whole body to the song. Just like the way Balaji in tirumala does. Her Endaro… takes you to a high, a musical high. her Vatapi…makes you run to the pooja room and fold your hands for a minute and ask Ganesha to bless you for life.

Finally her Cheri yashoda takes you back to the days when Atha used to sing it you while feeding you lunch in the balcony. Mudugari…I learnt in in my verandha from Giri Atha. there are so many memories attached to her voice and her songs. How can one ever forget her.She is immortal,as long as her voice is heard,she is.

This is to my Durga Atha who was dear to me and to many others. M.S was introduced to me by her on the tiny radio at seethaphalmandi when i was 6 years old.

P.S – wrote this a a note on F.B.However was in the same mood today πŸ™‚ so here it is on blog….

No questions asked!

There are so many people who influence your life and there are so many who just walk in to give you direction and then disappear.I think they are the ones called Guardian Angels,there are not invisible.They are a part of our every day Life and make earth a better place for most of us.My GA’s are many.I have been so lucky in life(touch wood) that people came and still come from every direction to help me when in need.

1.I was stranded in a new city with no place to go and a job the next day and a lost wallet.The lady at the H.R office took me to her place,gave me shelter and food and dropped for the job the next day!

2.I needed some alone time and had no place to go.An angel from Delhi opened her house doors for me!

3.He drove 45 km and sat working in the lobby,while i was working on a project that was my life.he never asked me a question and i met him 2 days before!

4.They cared for my son and they did it with joy and never asked questions!

5.He ran around the city just for a glass of mango juice,no questions asked!

6.They drove me till the airport and said,”take the keys to out house,we going on a holiday”.I needed a place for the one night.No questions asked

7.Family is with me all the time and supports me in death and life,no questions asked!

There are so many incidents and so many times that i say “Bless them” for “no questions asked”.

Precious Smile

my little man (10 months old)

Last night(should be called morning actually) aku got up at around 3 am.He does this quite often and is also famous for talking gibberish. However this time,he gave me a priceless smile,only one that your child can give and promptly went back to sleep :).

I will treasure that 6 year old smile for life.for later when he sleeps in his own room and wants to have privacy.I will remember that little boy who cuddled and slept at his deethi’s side with the worlds most beautiful smile on that sleepy face.

you and only you

there is nothing that brings me closer to nirvana than,

to see you smile at me,to wait for you to hug me in my sleep.

to hear your voice or to feel your hands on my skin.

to know that you are thinking of me,to say i love you.

to live forever with you and me and to become us

My Grandmother,My Bamma

Sunday our family went to visit my Bamma (dad’s mother).She is in her 90’s and quite active.She lives on the ground floor of our uncles home and refuses to move in domestic help.Her philosophy is that she cannot mend old ways and let “people of that caste” come in and stay with her.I used to get angry at this when i was a teenager.However, as i come to 31 i realize that she has been brought up that way and it is not necessary she change her ways.She takes good care of the driver and his family,talks to the vegetable vendor,gives loads of tea to the domestic help.She is happy with that and they are happy with that.They live in harmony and do not cross lines.

While I was there,I wanted to borrow some books from my uncles vast collection.So I went up to look at those books.My cousin was helping me find one book called “Baristar Parvatisam”
(If anyone who knows how to read Telugu ever read this book,they would know why i got 3 people to search that book for me)in the end we could not locate that book.However, my eyes fell on a thin book in the corner and i grabbed it.This is what i was not searching for!

It was a book written by my Bamma.She wrote that book in 1998 and distributed it to all of us.I lost my copy and never bothered to get another one.I just took it for granted that I will get it one day and forgot about it.I wanted to have that book so bad and this was a sign,as all the prints of that book were out.My bamma is old and not in the most healthy state and if there is one legacy that we got from her , it is writing and arts.She writes in Telugu and she writes about what matters to her heart and mind.she does not bother to think twice when asking an honest question nor she is embarrassed when you ask her one.

I remember when I introduced her to my husband and boyfriend at that time “do you know how to cook?”.she had asked him.He was not taken aback as I told him about Bamma.She said “my granddaughter is not used to cooking and someone should know how to cook in the family,so it better be you”.

I heard it from my thatha (grandfather) that Sundays were Bamma days.She used to leave her 7 boys in his care and go to a book mela or a movie or to theater with her friends.This was 60 years ago in a telugu brahmin family and a woman doing this was considered to be an outcast.She could not care less and told her husband that if you work from office,i work at home and i too need a break.

That is my Bamma,there is so much to learn from her and so much fun to be around her.I hope and wish my second baby who is growing inside me now gets to meet her and she smiles her toothless smile at the baby πŸ™‚

5 years and 10 months old!

It is a pleasent day for work,stroll,drive and much more.For me it is pleasant day to write my mind away.For a long time now,I have been thinking for a while to write about things that will help others and me.
I wrote about money saving,dealing with ex’s and about woman safety.So today is a day I talk about

Understanding your 6 year old child

I a 5 year old who is going to be 6 years in another 2 months and there are so many changes that I have noticed in him.Firstly he is growing fast and his mind is not able to cope with things that he is getting to know.Let me give you an example.

1.Recently he asked my mother about her mother.He wanted to know why great grandmother she still alive? valid question.We have always told him and also he read books that say old people die.So his mind was wandering in that frame.My mother and I did not freak out,we had a good laugh and then went on to explain to him.”Aku,It is true that every living thing has to perish one day.However,there is no specified time and place for it”.So,instead of waiting for her to die,now when she does he will know that her time has come and everyone has to deal with it.

2.Dad was home one day and Aku was tired of seeing the same grandfather.So,he asked my mother to put on her shoes.He wanted to go to the market and exchange my father for a new one!Boy o boy,my mother could have never been happy :P.My dad though was disappointed and wanted to know why his dear grandson was all set to exchange him.Aku’s logic was correct,if dad gets a soap from the market and does not like it or it is damage,he goes to the shop and gets a refund or a new one.Aku accompanies dad in most of these trips.that is where he got the idea of “grandad exchange” from!So,this is what I told him. “aku,you can exchange anything you want in life.However sometimes things that are precious like your grandad cannot be exchanged.So,if you have something that you do not like in your grandad,tell him and I am sure he wil change it for you and he can then stay with you and grandma”.He thought for a while and then decided he will let my dad live in the house for a while and help him change his bad habits.
*one bad habit – never brings more than 10 chocolates and aku wants more then 100!

3.”grandma,when you grow old,who will take care of you”?.mom told him that “my daughter and son-in-law will”.aku had a plan,he told mom that when she and dad get old.he will drop them in the creche,just the way we did when aku was young.he will provide them with a lunch box and diaper and toys and will pick them up when he gets back from office.Well we could not argue with that.Kids learn from what they see and this is what he is planning for me and vinod too!

These are the best years of his life and I am glad to be a part of it.It is surprising that more than him,I am the one who is learning new things about life.I am also able to see life through the eyes of a 5 year old and trust me it is beautiful!