nerdy and his tomorrow…

Aku was trying on his granpa’s glasses…he he nerdy boy…

I am a mother and it is natural for me to fear for his future.however, i really do not think too much bout it.Is it wrong? well, i really don’t think it is..

it is his future and he should ideally be the one to decide.

however i will hold his hand now and show him the path.

like a gulmohar sapling,i will nurture him.

tomorrow he will be his master.i want my son to be carefree,emotional,creative,human and more than that a good person from within.

i do not want him to make any woman cry.i want him to feel for others.i want him to be a whacko like me.

all the above and more are what i want…what will he want.. only time will tell and i shall gracefully accept it….

if he falls i might lend him a hand or might let him get up on his own…all it takes is a bond to prosper from today to tomorrow and that thought is too young.just like my son.

when i look at him i smile,i scream at him and melt at his innocent face…i cannot think of him as a grown up with issues.

for now i am content with his today….i am happy,happy and proud to be the mother of akshat the certified brat…