my kind of woman…

her hair is open like the wild Ganges….
her mouth is soft like velvet and wet…
her eyes are a mystery to the observer in day light or in dark…
her long hands are like the stems of the jasmine….
her fingers are like vine they cling on to you…
her toes remind you of the pebbles near the ocean…
her hips are born to rule and swing you along..
her legs are fine like the stretch at the woods….

her body is yours for day and for night…
her soul remains untouched for today and forever….
this her is the she, who lives not by rules…
she lives in a land where she is her own muse…..

she is every women i know, she is the epitome of the earth below and the ruler of the blue skies above….
she s free like the wind, she flows like the river, she laughs like the rain and dances with the trees….
she lives in your heart..hear her close your eyes and hear her…..

No one Told Me

no one told me that it would not end in a day,
that it would take years for it to lay quite.

no one told me it would bring back in tears,
that they can flow without any reason.

no one told me that my place would be wiped out,
that it would be replaced by what you call “good friend”.

no one told me i would have to be brave,
that i would have to put on a mask and face people.

no one told me i would have to sit on the same sofa,
that it would make my blood boil.

no one told me it would be hard to walk in there,
that the shadow of someone unkown will linger around.

no one told me that i would look for smells,
and feel sick in my stomach.

no one told me that it was going to break me piece by piece,
that at the end i would have to hold on to memories.

no one,no one told me that this day would come………


went to a friends place and they go wassup??
chat with another online and he goes assup??
call the other and she said ssup??
called him and he said sup?

So what is this wassup i ask,
Is it the new lingo in the land,
or the new phrase from bangalore to bandstnad.

If ask me how are you?
I will say ” great and how do u do?

If you ask me howz life?
I will be polite and say it alrite.

Where are those words which ended in please,
the only thing i hear these days is jeeze!!!!

Is this what is taught in school,
the incomplete english that makes you a complete fool.

P.S – wrote this for fun, no thoughts involved at all 🙂

It is all bout choice…

I read a lot of books and thanks to Miss Iyer I too wanted to share with the world few words that I remember.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

The poet said it all in these lines.

I hear “Could I do something different” in the distant horizon…

Me the RARE breed!!!

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Ha,I always thought i was kinda rare breed and this proves it right!

Like this poem I wrote describes me

you will find me where the waters flow free,
you will find me in the forest full of wild trees.
you will try and tie me down,i will smile and run along….
I will leave you when I want,I will come back when you in need.
I am the invisible,I am the unknown.
I am full of mystery for the sane in insanity….

Those were the days,when life was just seen like one gushing fall.
No one to stop you,no boundaries around.Even if they did you never cared.

It is rather strange that you have frozen today,
have the insides refused to melt or has the hurt dried them like the summer sun?

You asked me as a child,is there a reason for this pain? is there no room for it to be locked? is there no one above it? is it you that enjoys causing it?

My dear I have grown within you,you nurtured me and made me what I am today.
you gave me soil,you gave me shade,you made me feel like a queen till date.

I do not want to tear you apart or cut the chord.
I just want you to realise that I am a part and parcel of life.
I come when you ask me to and leave when you healed.
I have no destiny or no choice of my own.
I just remain there for you to call,as you did many times.
I came running into your hugged me,kissed me and threw me away when the deed was done.

I am the name you call me with,I am the insane,I am the traitor,I am the ruler of the empty space,deep within your broken heart!!!!!!

Friday Word Step!!!!

first step I take and touch the snow flake,

second step I jump and give my self a bump (ouch!!!)

third step I dance in my crazy trance

fourth step I jive!! yes in it I am naive

fifth what a bliss,I blew myself a kiss,

sixth is near the creek,my knees tremble and I go weak

seventh I cross the river,the water is cold and I shiver

eight is alrite,there is no fright.

ninth step, am there and glare and glare

tenth is where is see my soul waiting for me…