I am fast asleep,deep in slumber and not dreaming a bit. i was nudged first and then scratched and then yelled upon.I get up walk my way out and open the door.Look at the wall clock and the time sez”it is that time of the night where world sleeps”. Was dam angry and wanted to get back into my cozy bed,however when i looked out saw her jumping and attacking the soft toy and wanting me to attack it did i as told…

Saki girl is the new addition to our family.She is a cutie litthle,lab pup.I was waiting to get my sonny boy a friend for his 4th birthday.I was thinking how to budget the same.Then came a phone call asking me if I can pick up Saki for the owner who is my friend Arun bought this dog for her daughter and now they had some issues with the dog (not personal). So voila it was god’s ways of telling me go go girl pick up the little joy.

I jumped in the car and drove to her and Chechi sat with her in the car while we drove her back home.

She is nearly settled and is sleeping near me feet ( cannot move them)….pissed a million times,shat 10 times and the house smelles like we have SAKI…………………..