my man

I remember the first time he held my hand,
remember the first time he kissed me.
it felt so real and that feeling was there for another day.

He was and is there with me today and for tomorrow and yes, yesterday,
I melt in his arms and that smile could kill me day after day.

My mind is at peace and every breath i take is like a song at night,
thinking he is around is all that takes for me to rest.

He is my husband,my soul mate,my guy,
the father of my kids and the friend in need.

He is there and that is why my parents never miss a beat,
he is there and that is why they keep going.

His mother,his father,his sister say he is for keeps,
one man in all those roles is what my man is.

we shall overcome…..

I was all set to write my blog.Peacefully with out any interruptions,in my bedroom,on a green bed sheet with the windows open and the nice Bangalore weather for company. However,it was tossed out of tossed out of those very niche French windows.V and Aku barged in and started their verbal war.

There is always this thing that goes in my mind.
“am i being able to connect both of them?”
“is aku able to find that father figure in V?”
“is V being the right,good father?”.
“Am i overreacting to situations and taking up Aku’s side?” and much more.

Then I tell my mind “relax,alex,all is well”.I tend to get a little protective about aku,more than anyone i guess.He is my love and there is no way i can close that door of over protectiveness about him,even with the new baby around. I was so paranoid,that i would get up in the middle of the night and think “what if someone takes him away?”.”what if he misses his bus and does not know how to get back to school?” and much more.

I have overcome most of it.However,i am still not convinced about way I let V handle him.I know I am too hard on V and i hope that someday,i will be able to overcome it.

“God please let me overcome it”!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinod’s Photography

They say that God gave us eyes to see,look,stare, ogle and much more.Sometimes he does give us a reason too!Well my hubby Vinod has two eyes like all of us.However,he has an other eye or the thing we call “Third Eye” and that is best described when you go and look at his flickr page. and his photoblog

Vinod started his passion as I call it,just about an year ago.He has since then got raring reviews from all those who watched his work and has been getting numerous assignments too.He works full time at a corporate and during weekends he becomes a photographer.I am posting few of his works,(actually one!) here and also the links to his page a above.The photos are also for sale.If you want to buy any or want him to click a few an use his “Third eye” then mail me dtanikela and him chandramouli.vinod (we are both on gmail.)

*photograph is a copyright of Vinod Chandramouli and copying is not a good idea!